a żaglowiec Morgester



The was build in 1919 at the Boot shipyard in Alphen aan den Rijn. Interestingly, this Dutch town is 25 kilometers from the sea as the crow flies, but it is connected to the open water by a canal system.

The ship was created as a fishing lugger named De Vrouwe Maria. It was based in Scheveningen, hence its board number SCH 200. After more than a decade of sailing, in 1928 the first engine was installed on it, the masts were dismantled and converted into a motorboat. After the war, the unit returned to the hunting grounds. In 1947, it was extended by 7 meters. The name Morgenster, which means morning star in Flemish, did not appear on the side until 1959, together with the change of ownership and the new side number SCH 234. In 1970, the ship was removed from the fishing fleet list and registered as a vessel intended for tourist fishing.

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In addition to fishing, Morgenster also has a radio episode in history. In 1981, it was rented by Gerard van Dam, the founder of the pirate radio station Delmare. His station has been illegally broadcasting programs from ships in international waters since 1978, intermittently. The Morgenster was to become the next flagship radio unit. However, these plans were thwarted by the Dutch police, who arrested the ship before going to sea, confiscating the transmitting equipment installed on it.

In 1993, the rusting, useless unit was purchased by its current owner – Harry Muter. Together with his wife Marianne and a group of kind volunteers, he started a long, painstaking renovation and conversion into a sailing ship. The effects of their work could be seen after 15 years. In 2008, Morgenster returned to service – this time as a brig modeled on American ships from the American Revolutionary War – the progenitors of the famous clippers. The result was a 48-meter sailing ship with elegant lines, fast and agile, and at the same time perfect for passenger voyages and maritime education of youth. On two masts, 29 meters high, the ship carries 14 sails (including 8 yard sails) with a total area of 600 square meters. If necessary, it is possible to place lizli, i.e. additional side sails, on special outriggers. On the bow of the unit there is a white figurehead, perfectly contrasting with the black hull. The sculpture shows a mermaid embracing the head of a galloping horse.

The tasteful interiors have been arranged with attention to maritime traditions and the comfort of the 10-person permanent crew and 36 trainees, for whom places in 3- and 4-person cabins have been prepared. In addition to bunks, you can also sleep in 8 hammocks. Morgenster has two captains who command it in rotation. The first of them is the owner – Harry Muter, the second is his younger friend Jacob. They both love sailing and know how to do it efficiently and effectively. The ship is famous for its good results in regattas and – whenever there are conditions for it – entering and leaving ports on sails


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Alphen aan den Rijn