Useful knots

Being a liaison officer, you may be requested to help with mooring. For this reason, it is worth to learn some basic knots.

A bowline consists a fixed loop at the end of a rope that does not tighten itself. The knot can be made at any size on a mooring rope to put it on the bitt.

A clove hitch is one of the best knots when we moor a yacht when there are no bitts. it can be released even under a heavy load which is an advantage in itself. You can also use it to tow a car when you do not have carabiners at the end of the tow rope. Moreover, when the ship stays moored on wavy water, the line does not chafe.

A cleat knot is used to tie a line to a cleat.

If you want to flake a long line, make a “bight”.

What can you do when there are several mooring lines on bitts?

If you put a line on a bitt, it should not prevent other lines from being taken off. Simply put the loop at the end of your line from the bottom of all other lines through a loop or loops made on other lines 🙂